Alaskan Disney Cruise – June 2018

This was our 5th Disney Cruise and we loved it every bit as much as the previous four! It was our first time to Vancouver and sailing into Alaska and we were simply blown away. It was some of the most breathtaking scenery we have every seen and we were blessed with great weather. We saw bald eagles, whales, bears and plenty of waterfalls. On excursions we visited several quaint Alaskan towns, went smooth water rafting and sailed a few hundred feet away from a massive glacier. These were all new experiences for the whole family and our friends who joined us and we will never forget them. The strangest part of the trip was that the sun would set close to midnight and rise a few hours later! As usual the food, entertainment and cast members on board the ship were top notch. This is a cruise we highly recommend for families of any age and size.

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