Exuma, The Bahamas – January 2018

We spent a week in Exuma, The Bahamas over New Year’s Eve in January. The weather was great and the water was amongst the clearest and most beautiful we have seen anywhere in the world. We rented a boat a few days and cruised around Elizabeth Bay which was like being on an aquarium. You could see fish, sharks, starfish and coral at least 10-15 feet deep it was that clear. The snorkeling was great as well. Of course no trip to Exuma would be complete without a visit to Stocking Island which is home to the Chat ‘n Chill, a great bar (more of a hut) with lively music, food and drink. You must try the local libation called a Goombay Smash. I highly recommend it. The island is small with one main road going from end to end and the infrastructure is somewhat lacking compared to other Caribbean islands. Restaurants and grocery stores were few but those we found were generally very good. If we go back it would likely be by boat and for a shorter period of time but we still really enjoyed our visit.

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